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Bridge Course Guidelines

This guideline will answer many of your questions regarding Bridge courses that are assigned to your crew via the Company Officer.  Any further questions should be directed to Chief Koogle at HCTC by email.

Who is assigned the Bridge Courses?

Bridge courses are designed to be a company training.  Instead of sending EVERYONE the course, and making EVERYONE log on and complete the same course, the courses are only sent to the Company Officer.  The Company Officer will then go through the course with their assigned company as a group.

What if the Company Officer will be gone and there will be an acting officer conducting the training?

In the event that the Company Officer will be gone during the training, that Company Officer will need to be proactive and email Chief Koogle with the name of the Acting Officer that will be conducting the training.  The course will then be reassigned to the Acting Officer.

What if a member of the crew missed the training?

If a member of your crew missed the training, the course can be found in the Learning Library after the course has been closed. The member can access the course at any time, however, the crew will have to do the training with that member.  The crew will get credit for the training again, and should be included in that roster.

Can more than one company work on the same Bridge Course?

Yes, more than one company may complete the Bridge Course together.  Whichever officer opened the course should indicate the Company Officers that participated.   

Can the BC take part in the Bridge Course?

Yes, please feel free to include your BC in your Bridge Course training.  Since the BC’s are not assigned the courses, let your BC’s know when you are doing the training.  If they decide to take part in the training, you may include them on your roster.

How do we complete and submit the roster?

At the end of the course, there will be a link to a Smartsheet Roster.  Click on the link and fill out the roster (it will look similar to a regular roster).  The roster is form fillable, and you can submit it from the link.  Make sure to fill in the associated High Plains number in the space provided.  High Plains number associated with the course will be included in the course title.  The roster will automatically reload if additional companies participated.

(ex.  January 2017 Policy Review, HP# 4550)

Points to Note:

  • Roster times must fit the expected time frame for each course
  • Review the course content prior to completing the training with your crew.  This includes reviewing any attachments
  • If there is a paper clip icon ensure you print copies of the attachments for those participating 
  • In the event we find a time conflict when entering your Bridge course training into High Plains, your training will be entered and the time conflict (i.e. workout, etc.) will be deleted.