Welcome Summit County Firefighter Professional! We are here to help you prepare to test for Colorado Division of Fire Safety certifications, certification renewals, State EMT renewals and NREMT renewals. This part of our site will answer all your questions on these topics and give you the road map to successful certification management.

Emergency Reporting - Click here for the ER Guidelines

State Fire

Use this instructional guideline to help you renew any of the following State Division certifications.

CDFS Testing Process

Written Exams - via IPad's

  1. Start studying before you decide to take a CDFS test.
  2. Go to the Homepage of HCTC website and click on CDFPC WrittenTesting to register for your desired test date.  Please be aware of registration deadlines.
  3. An email will be sent to you by CDFPC confirming your test date and time. Continue studying and be ready to take the exam on your assigned test date.
  4. Show up to the test site (HCTC) at least 10 minutes before test.  Testing starts promptly at 0900, no exceptions!  Your drivers license is mandatory for check-in!
  5. Contact Office Manager Leslie Wagner if you have any testing questions.

Practical Exams

  1. Contact Captain Dave Rial  to see if you are elegible for a practical.

State EMS



What You Need To Know...

Certifications are your credentials and you must take an active role in their management.

Our expectation is that you read and understand these guidelines to work efficiently with HCTC staff. As a crew, you should pool your knowledge and experience to meet your needs and ours.

We as a staff will refer to this part of our site often as we move forward. Your expectations fuel our high expectations on certifications.

HCTC obtains answers to our questions at the CDFS website.

We encourage you to start your renewal process early!